Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You Make Me Brave - By Bethel

I'm sharing this beautiful modern music by this youth band.  Thank you God for allowing the youth of our world to bring us inspirational music about you!  

Sometimes just reflecting on music about him can help us to feel better!  I know it helps me connect with the creator in his triune or trinity.  His holy spirit is within me and it helps me find him anytime I am feeling sad, weak or discouraged.  Those things pass quickly and we are encouraged and enlightened.

God does make us feel brave.  He can take away all the fears we have about this world and helps us secure our eternity in his love and light.  When we accept Jesus as our savior, we have nothing to worry about anymore.  The battle is won, there is no more worry that you will live your life in misery.  He will lift you up. He will make you brave!  Trust him to help you out in your hour of need.  He will wash away your sin and make you white as snow.  He gives us a new start every single day he washes us with his holy blood.  His blood is pure and sinless and when you accept him he washes you clean with his sinless blood making you worthy to go to heaven to be with him for all eternity!  He is always with us and his holy spirit will be in us and he will be holding us up as we move forward in life, we will never be alone.  He will give us strength and keep us in his mercy and grace.  

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