Wednesday, March 30, 2016

8 Things That Happen When We Pray

Prayer is what I do when I am scared.  Prayer is what I do when I a happy.  It is what I do when I am bored.  I talk to God.  He is my innermost best friend.  I speak to him all day.  Everyday.  I talk to God whenever I am lonely.  I speak to him when I need guidance.  I also talk to God when I am thankful for all his miracles in my life.  I recommend that you just open your heart to Jesus and allow him to do his work within you.  He will change your life.

Here's a quick article that helps us understand what happens when we pray.  I want to guide you to other resources that can help you understand God.  I linked the original article which inspired me.  I do think they left out the end part.  That is where God allows his plan to fall in place.  It's not always what we want or expect but what he wants for us.  I think God's plan is always exactly what he accepts as good for us.  He guides us within a realm of what we should be doing and accepting as what he wants for us.  When we don't get what we want it should be a signal that he does not want that for us.

Sometimes God's answer for us is not what we want at all.  Sometimes we don't get the answers we want because we are not walking in alignment with him.  He wants us to be better aligned with him but if we are in wrong thinking and we are not working according to his plan, he will correct us or help us correct our path.  It is not always the happy answer we want.

Let me give you an example.  One time I was dating this guy Mike.  He was for sure the guy of my dreams.   Over a period of a years time, he and I broke up.  I was so mad at God for making us break up, I was so mad that I could not have him.  But it turns out that he was a cheater, he even went and married the girl he cheated on me with and he brought her to my church which hurt me terribly.

2 years later, not too long after, I met the real man of my dreams.  A very good man, who later would become my husband, Clint, a good Christian man who was everything I could want and more.  So you see, sometimes what we want is not always what is good for us.  And God knew that.  He knew that Clint would be a much better fit for me.  He knew that Clint would take care of me, hold me as precious and never cheat on me.  He knew that Clint would be a good provider and a good father to my children.  Clint is a patient and wonderful man who is brilliant, he plays piano and writes love songs for me, he buys me roses constantly that I don't deserve, he bought me a beautiful house, a nice car, and he loves me so much despite all my downfalls.  He even forgave me at a time where I was being foolish.  I am so glad that God chose Clint for me over Mike.  I was a fool to think Mike, the cheater, was the right one.  But I did not know that at the time.  So when God gives me a different answer than the one I want, I know I must be patient and trust him.

God often has other plans for us that might be much better than what we want.  So we do not always get the answers we want to our prayers.  But know this.  He is working in your favor always.  If you are working to align yourself with his right path, he wants to give you all the good things you deserve. When you are praying to him, despite not getting the answer you want, he has already designed the perfect plan for you.  He knows everything about you and what is right for you.  He gives us the right answer, the right gift or whatever it is that leads us to the right action regardless of what we think, his plan is perfect.  We have to try to understand that his plan may not be our plan.  His path is one of perfection and ours is broken.  We have to try to see the clues that he gives us to follow his perfect path and open our eyes to see the spiritual gifts he gives us that guide us in the right direction to his perfection.

Remember this, despite what happens here on earth, his reward for you is great in heaven.  His reward for your suffering here is to give you eternal life with him and his son and his spirit.  And the keys to his Kingdom.  His Kingdom is everlasting and can you imagine what he has for you in Heaven?  I hear just being in his presence is all you will ever want once you are there.

So what happens when we pray?

1.  God Hears Your Prayers To Him

2.  All Other Things Are Temporarily Shut Out While We Focus On Him

3.  You Become Closer To The Holy Trinity, God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit

4.  You Help Others By Praying For Them

5.  Your Burdens Are Placed At His Feet

6.  You Commune With All Others In Prayer

7.  You Are Worshiping The Holy Trinity Which Is God in All His Forms

8.  God Gives Us Help According To His Plan For Us

The article which inspired me is here:

7 Things That Happen When We Pray.

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