Saturday, March 26, 2016

Becoming Informed About God

I think it is very important to become informed.  There are so many questions about God.  Yes he is certainly an interesting and endless topic.  His book, the Holy Bible has so many versions and do we know which one is right?  We hear so many things about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.  What is the truth.  How do we reach God?  How do we know if we are worthy of going to heaven?  What if I am terrible sinner, can I still know God?  Can I still go to heaven if I am a sinner?  There is so much to know and understand.  What about other people what do they believe about God?  Are miracles real?  There are so many questions.  I wanted to create a blog where we can just come and look at all things related to God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, even in relation to heaven and hell.  I think it is important to be well informed so you can make a decision for yourself.  I will provide links to great resources so you can find answers you are looking for.  I may provide videos of people who have different opinions.  We must all think and look towards the right path, a relationship between us and the holy trinity and the world.  What is the relationship with Jesus?  Please join me in this experience of my life and the things I am finding in my research.  I am a Christian so this will be with a Christian worldview however we will explore other views.  We will discuss ways to work on ourselves and ways to develop our relationships with the holy Triune and others.  Please enjoy my blog and feel free to bring questions forward that we can explore.

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