Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Living Sacrifice: Romans 12

Let Jesus Drive The Car of Your Life

When we are not saved then we are just randomly driving the car of our life. We are on an uncertain path.  We hit a lot of dips and we go off the road a lot because our path is not perfect.  We do not know where we are going.  We experience a lot of pain because we get lost a lot.  We have no idea where the next gas station is!  We might crash because we are so preoccupied with trying to figure out where the heck we are going!  We are so busy looking at our cell phones we could miss out on stoplights and the important stuff.

We need to step out of the position of the drivers seat and get into the passenger seat and by faith allow Jesus to drive and take us down his perfect path for us.  He knows exactly what we need and want and he is to be the driver of the car our life.  Our paths are confused and lost but Jesus' path for us is perfect.  When you get on his roadmap and he is driving, whoa, things get to be quite amazing.  

I never expected things to go in the positive directions they are going for me.  I never knew just how perfect his plan is.  But wow!  Suddenly I am going to school for something I am amazed myself that I am taking.  Not only did he make all the steps to make it happen come true and very quickly, suddenly I have a business that will make me a serious Leader in the world.  Suddenly everything is looking very amazing.  I can tell he opens doors like crazy for me.  It moves so fast in the positive, I know there is only one reason things are lining up in such perfection.  And let me just say it, it is my Lord and Savior doing this for me. And the more I listen and love him the smoother my path to success becomes. And I do not mean only Earthly success, but Spiritual success.

My family are all healthy and well, my finances are moving in a good direction, my knowledge in becoming a leader is growing and I am thriving.  I have a fairly happy life.  Now that, coming from a person who lost her mom at 11, siblings all split up, somewhat abandoned by the rest of the family, was abused by her father, ignored and pretty much denied by the stepmother and emancipated at 16 and who was left to sink or swim, that is an amazing testimony.  

I surely have a lot to be sad about but I don't feel that way at all.  I feel elated, happy, successful, loved, thankful, and wise. Every now and then I make a few mistakes, I find I am usually not talking to Jesus, I am neglecting my relationship with him.  But, the closer I become to him, the more refined my path becomes and the happier I get.  I am so happy my path eventually leads to Heaven and I am gonna help as many people as I can to find the same Savior that is saving me time and time again.  Thank you Jesus for all you do!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Amazing Testimony of How God Can Turn Your Life Around - Matt Kern: Coming Face to Face with Christ -

I'm very thankful the God was able to turn Matt around and help him change to be a better person.  

Psalm 86 - A Prayer For The Broken

I just had to share this beautiful video of a prayer from Psalm 86

Video from FBC Films

Psalm 86King James Version (KJV)

86 Bow down thine ear, O Lord, hear me: for I am poor and needy.
Preserve my soul; for I am holy: O thou my God, save thy servant that trusteth in thee.
Be merciful unto me, O Lord: for I cry unto thee daily.
Rejoice the soul of thy servant: for unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.
For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.
Give ear, O Lord, unto my prayer; and attend to the voice of my supplications.
In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me.
Among the gods there is none like unto thee, O Lord; neither are there any works like unto thy works.
All nations whom thou hast made shall come and worship before thee, O Lord; and shall glorify thy name.
10 For thou art great, and doest wondrous things: thou art God alone.
11 Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name.
12 I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.
13 For great is thy mercy toward me: and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell.
14 O God, the proud are risen against me, and the assemblies of violent men have sought after my soul; and have not set thee before them.
15 But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, long suffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.
16 O turn unto me, and have mercy upon me; give thy strength unto thy servant, and save the son of thine handmaid.
17 Shew me a token for good; that they which hate me may see it, and be ashamed: because thou, Lord, hast holpen me, and comforted me.
(King James Version from

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Here it is in a song which is similar to the prayer....written and sang by Micheal Aggabao.  It sounds like he has personally translated it into his own song but I just think he did a great job!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Walking In The Light - Instructions For A Pure Life

I just want to share this with you because it will enlighten your mind as to what Jesus is all about.  I also shared this on our Finding Salvation page.  It is just such a simple yet powerful truth.

by FBC Films.

How To Get Saved!  It's very easy!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jesus Saves Woman From Hell

Elderly woman shares her experience meeting Jesus.  Jesus saves her from Hell.

We want to show that there are many people who are experiencing God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in different ways.

"As The hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God."  Psalm 42.

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John Talks About Meeting Jesus Christ

John shares his experience with emptiness and loss and how he found Jesus Christ.

"God be merciful to us, and bless us and cause his face to shine upon us, Selah." Psalm 67:1.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

23 Minutes In Hell By Bill Weise

Does Hell Exist?  What Is It Like.

One of the most controversial books written...

Revelation 20:15 "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."

23 Minutes in Hell is an interesting text written by Protestant Christian Bill Wiese which recounts his beliefs of an out of body visit to hell he experienced in 1998.  He had, at least, a 23-minute experience during an out of body experience into hell.  Dropped into a cell, tortured by huge ugly and wicked demons, and paralyzed with fear, he watches his flesh be torn from him by the talons of these ferocious demons which take delight in ripping him to shreds again and again.  Unable to find any strength to fight he is drowned in deep despair.

Bill says he felt death penetrating him again and again but yet he did not die.  As he is allowed to crawl away for a short bit from the demons, purportedly he sees different things in hell such as the pits of hell, the brimstone, and fire, the countless tortured souls trapped there in misery.  Bill relives that he is so weak he cannot imagine why even the simplest movements were so difficult.  He recounts the horrid details of unimaginable thirst, the strongest most putrid smells ever and an undeniable heat which was never ending.  He can hear thousands and thousand of screaming voices.  He finally realizes he is in hell.  The terror and mental anguish were so intense he says he cannot even exaggerate it.  Even if this is only an example of what hell is which some suggest, It still opens my eyes to the reality of not being saved.  What I am here to say is that I do not want to go there ever because I am meant to be with my father, my God, and savior.  I want to be with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the everlasting life.  

Bill says it really happened during an out of body experience.  It's worth listening to or reading as his descriptions are pretty intense.  I found it fascinating like all my near death experience (NDE) exploration, it's definitely something to think about.  I think we should seriously consider what will happen to us if there is really a hell.  I certainly do not want to go there but then I already accepted Christ and I have faith that he will not let me go there because I am am saved.  Are you sure abuot your future when you die?  Is it worth being wrong when it's such an easy solution to make sure you have a great alternative, living in bliss with the creator?  Is God warning us?

If you want to watch the longer version of what happened, here it is...

But if you really want to know more get the book.  I read it and the detail is so great that you can see there is no making it up.  It really goes into depth about everything he experienced.  I was so blown away during the reading of this book. We will explore this topic again because I am so interested to know the truth just like you.  

If you are not saved and you want to get saved go right now and see how easy it is to this link.

I know you will be securing your future with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit In Heaven.  I will later explore more videos and books about people who experienced heaven too.  It is best to be knowledgable about what is coming.  

I don't want to scare anyone but we don't know when God is coming and it even tells us that in the bible.  He wants us to choose to be with him and it's really up to us.  But what if it's too late because you waited too long.  God wants us to be with him but ultimately he wants you to choose.  He does not want to force you. He wants you to desire to be with him of your own accord.  What do you think will happen if you choose not to accept God and you die?  Where will you spend your eternity?

God will ask you many times to be saved but eventually he will stop asking, will you accept him?

It's a very interesting question that you should really think about.  But do not think on it long.  If you decide it's worth giving God a chance, accept Jesus now and the battle is won.  There is no more worrying if you desire his love and to be with him through eternity.

Feel free to comment.  I love to hear questions and comments.

This is the link to Bill's book on Amazon.  I don't make anything from referring you there.  I just want you to know where to find it and know that he just wants to help people find Jesus so they can get saved and avoid Hell.

You can check out a special for 2 of his books and his cd here...

According to CBN Bill and Annette have been traveling around for 7 years sharing their story.  They began Soul Choice Ministries and now they provide books to inmates, ministry trips, and give a significant portion of the proceeds to missions and other ministries.  They want to help you get saved so you never have to experience Hell.  I was so amazed to see so many being saved at the end of his testimony.  It's fantastic that he is trying to share what happened to him even if he is meek, God is making him strong and helping him to share his story.