Lives Changed By Jesus

Was Your Life Changed By Jesus?

I want to share the lives I can find that were changed by Jesus.  This is a new page so I will be adding to it daily as I do research.  There are thousands and millions of stories I am going to add to show you how much he can impact lives!

I am going to start looking for those whose lives were touched by the Lord!  If you have a testimony you wish to share please contact us so we can tell your story!

You can make a video or write a letter to us!

Karen Sera

Matt Kern

Nazeem Fazal (lots of videos on youtube)

CJ interviewed by Nathan Leal

Robert M

Yasmine Siri  Testimony Occult Witchcraft

Kevin Ray  Two Minutes In Hell

Bryan Melvin Died of Cholera From Drinking Water - Went to Hell

Nathan Wheeler What Heaven Was Like When I Died

Dean Braxton Dead Two Hours Another Interview With Dean Lots of detail about Heaven.

Larry Randolph Encounters With Jesus

Marcus Drowning Victim

Bobby Bowers Ruthless Gangster

David Drugs and Homosexuality

Crystal Mc Vea Life Changed - 9 Minutes in Heaven

Park Young Moon  Visited Heaven and Hell

Annie Lobert Confessions of a High-Class Prostitute

More to come soon!

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