Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adventures In Walmart With The Holy Spirit

    The other day I was at Walmart in Virginia Beach, VA grabbing some groceries for a family birthday party.  Right there in the check-out line at Walmart, the checker was checking me out, running groceries through the scanner, having a positive attitude, a tiny lady and suddenly we started talking about God.  As she was checking me out, scanning my huge pile of party groceries, the grocery checker was suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit, right before my eyes she started "Speaking in Tongues" while checking my groceries, yes I was a bit shocked because I was not expecting it but I was not scared because I have been around many who have spoken in tongues.

Her body was almost thrown back a few inches as she seemed to have the spirit enter her and she barely caught herself and was able to catch her balance grabbing on to the check stand, while she smiled in amazement as she realized she was speaking in tongues at work in the middle of Walmart, the people in line were amazed.  Behind me, in line, an Amish woman with her little hat pinned on her head just stood there, another woman down the line mentioned we were having a revival and she smiled.  I said why yes we are having a revival.

    The woman checker grabbed my hand, I am not sure as if to touch me while she was filled or whether to help herself not fall over while she was filled.  Her grip on me was strong.  She smiled but she could not contain the spirit within, her eyes grew large, and again burst into tongues, it was overcoming her for a bit which sort of shocked her a bit but I stayed with her for a moment while she continued to be filled.  After a moment, she relaxed and though still filled with the spirit, she smiled and released me when she was feeling a bit more relaxed.  She continued speaking in tongues but I did not understand it.  I wish I did.

    In between tongues she wished me a good day, and I wished her that God would bless her and I stood by for a second with my basket in case she was going to faint.  She was strong for such a tiny creature.  She stood and helped her next customer while filled.  I could not help but admire just how blessed she was with the Holy Spirit of God.

    I know God is right there with me at every moment, in her showing me his face, showing me he exists.  I feel he is strong with me guiding me towards a certain career and I am a bit shocked.  But I have found that he is standing with me and proving himself again and again to me.

He is lifting me up because I am scared.  He is showing me his power because I am nervous and afraid and on some occasions I doubt why he would need me in this particular position in my career and I have to trust his plan.  He wants me in a certain position, I have been feeling his wishes for me.  I clearly believe I know where he wants me.  I am going to do his work as he commands me but I am a bit scared still as I am entering a workplace dominated by men.  I am pretty sure I can handle it.

    He has been guiding me quickly after healing my cancer to start a consulting firm.  I know he has good works to do through me.  He is commanding me not to be afraid (Joshua 1:19) saying "Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is will be with you where ever you go."  God was there in Walmart with me, giving me courage, showing me his face.  I love him for that.  He is so wonderous and amazing!

    I just wanted to share with you that this adventure with the Holy Spirit is his way of confirming he is with me.  I am thankful God has been with me day in and day out because some days are overwhelmingly hard.  I know that you will see that he will show himself to you even through situations and complete strangers if you keep your eyes open.

Stay positive!  Know that he is with you!


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