Tuesday, March 29, 2016

38 Things That Happen When We Get SAVED by Dr. Bob Ream

I just wanted to share this incredible list of things that happen when we get saved.  It's certainly a good starting place that helps us understand the primary gifts that God gives us through his son's blood.

If you want to be saved it is really easy.  So easy you won't believe it!  You don't have to do much to make that one change that will put you into his family for all eternity.  Get Saved Now!

But don't be fooled!  God's gifts go way beyond this list.  His gifts are limitless. He is infinitely loving and giving.  His creation is endless and he is infinitely wise and brilliant.  There will be no end to what he can do.  There is no end to his love, mercy and grace in your life.  He will change you for the better forever!

Here is a good starting list of things that happen once we are saved!  I really enjoyed reading this list and I am sure you will find it interesting as well.

Click this link to read the list!  Then come back to read more about Attitudes About God.


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