Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let Jesus Drive The Car of Your Life

When we are not saved then we are just randomly driving the car of our life. We are on an uncertain path.  We hit a lot of dips and we go off the road a lot because our path is not perfect.  We do not know where we are going.  We experience a lot of pain because we get lost a lot.  We have no idea where the next gas station is!  We might crash because we are so preoccupied with trying to figure out where the heck we are going!  We are so busy looking at our cell phones we could miss out on stoplights and the important stuff.

We need to step out of the position of the drivers seat and get into the passenger seat and by faith allow Jesus to drive and take us down his perfect path for us.  He knows exactly what we need and want and he is to be the driver of the car our life.  Our paths are confused and lost but Jesus' path for us is perfect.  When you get on his roadmap and he is driving, whoa, things get to be quite amazing.  

I never expected things to go in the positive directions they are going for me.  I never knew just how perfect his plan is.  But wow!  Suddenly I am going to school for something I am amazed myself that I am taking.  Not only did he make all the steps to make it happen come true and very quickly, suddenly I have a business that will make me a serious Leader in the world.  Suddenly everything is looking very amazing.  I can tell he opens doors like crazy for me.  It moves so fast in the positive, I know there is only one reason things are lining up in such perfection.  And let me just say it, it is my Lord and Savior doing this for me. And the more I listen and love him the smoother my path to success becomes. And I do not mean only Earthly success, but Spiritual success.

My family are all healthy and well, my finances are moving in a good direction, my knowledge in becoming a leader is growing and I am thriving.  I have a fairly happy life.  Now that, coming from a person who lost her mom at 11, siblings all split up, somewhat abandoned by the rest of the family, was abused by her father, ignored and pretty much denied by the stepmother and emancipated at 16 and who was left to sink or swim, that is an amazing testimony.  

I surely have a lot to be sad about but I don't feel that way at all.  I feel elated, happy, successful, loved, thankful, and wise. Every now and then I make a few mistakes, I find I am usually not talking to Jesus, I am neglecting my relationship with him.  But, the closer I become to him, the more refined my path becomes and the happier I get.  I am so happy my path eventually leads to Heaven and I am gonna help as many people as I can to find the same Savior that is saving me time and time again.  Thank you Jesus for all you do!

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